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BLU – Fast paced stragety platformer with enemy bots

You have 3 minutes to fight off 3 bots and color the arena BLU. As you run, you lose ink (the source of your power). Stop to regenerate your ink.
Run, jump and hit blocks with your head to color them. Pickup awesome powerups to slow down time, freeze & kill bots & regenerate faster. Use the weapon powerup to shoot lazer beams!
There are penalites for getting killed or letting the bots color the arena in RED! Choose your next step wisely, but quickly.
Supports Gamepad. Tested with XBOX 360 controller.

Play BLU here!


BLU was submitted for a recent game jam by Scirra and Newgrounds. Built with Construct3.

Play Kontrazt on Scirra Arcade

kontraztKontrazt is one of the winners in a Scirra Game Jam. The theme of the jam was light and dark.

Judges review of the game (I couldnt have said it better 😉

Kontrazt is a stylish and minimalistic game that proves the age old adage “look before you leap”.
Controlling a jumping cube, players quickly have to decide whether to using the dark or light side of the cube, matching the endlessly spawning tiles ahead. Deceptively simple, Kontrazt quickly becomes a fast paced reaction game that is equal parts frustrating when you mess up, and a joy to play when you sink into a rhythm.
Did we mention that the soundtrack is amazing? No? The soundtrack is amazing.

Play the game here:

Get Rainforest 2048 on Windows 10

Its been quite some time since I published a new game. So finally, here it is…
Get Rainforest 2048 on Windows 10 for Mobile, Tablet and PC.
Get it on Windows 10

Rainforest 2048


Built using Construct 2, this one took me about 3 weeks to complete from start to finish. It has been built as a Windows Universal App and runs on both mobile and PC. Please do download and play this game and give your feedback on the game site at or here.


RikochetZ now available on the Windows Store

Windows Store BadgeRikochetZ is now published and is available on the Windows Store.

Control ‘Riko the Shooter’ to aim and destroy boxes using many different types of guns including Sniper rifle, Lightning strike, Exploding bullets and Bombs. Bullets will ricochet off metal, but be wary of the bullet proof glass, they won’t break unless you destroy them with an exploding fuel barrel. Activate switches, destabilize black holes, move rocks and more…

RikochetZ splash screen